After the great success of H&H Cumbuco 2016, sold out more than 8 months in advance, and H&H Bahia 2016 – Water Park Special Edition, H&H arrived at the ninth year of HELL & HEAVEN with our new H&H Bahia 2017. To the campaign “Towards 10 Years of H&H”, it is not any festival that can be considered one of the most awaited of Brazil! We have impressive numbers, we went through 2016 with 2 major festivals, one special edition, 2 paradisiacal destinations, 2 large international resorts, 1 water park in the sands of Bahia beach, more than 10 world label parties, more than 30 artists, more than 15 events, almost 90 hours of music, 8 days of parties, 26 states of Brazil, more than 10 countries, more than 16 thousand people already transported, many stories within one… this is with great pleasure HELL & HEAVEN festival!